Cassandra Portait

About Cassandra

Everyone goes exploring for their own reasons. Some go traveling looking for relaxation, others look for a thrill. My adventures are lead by my curiosity. I am what my high-school principal would call a life-long learner, and what my brother might call an incurable nerd. If anyone is wondering what the daughter of two high-school teachers looks like when she grows up, I guess this is it.

I have bounced around my whole life. Since my very first flight (from Seoul, South Korea to Boston, Massachusetts) at just a few weeks old, I haven't stopped exploring. So far, I have lived in Ecuador, Bangladesh, China, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates. Beyond the countries I have lived I've also visited many more but no matter the length of the list of places I've been, the list of places I dream of going will always be longer.

About the Blog

Welcome to my digital field book. Here I reflect on the things I learn on my adventures, both near and far from home. I'm especially curious about the way that real people interact with history, politics, culture and the environment. Every person you meet can tell you a little something more about the way the world works and every adventure offers new lessons to learn.

Maybe there's something in my adventures that you can learn from too?