A Woman Flying Solo


If I had a penny for every time someone told me how dangerous it is for a woman to travel alone, I'd never have to pay for my own crazy adventures again. I get it. Everyone's read that 'woman traveling alone found dead in (insert far-flung country here)' article. And I know that solo travel comes with its risks. I'm not here to say that their warnings are wrong, just that they're alarmist. It requires skills. You have to be able to trust your sense of direction, your ability to keep yourself organized. You have to be able to read people and situations to distinguish dangerous risks from exciting ones. You have to know your limits. How much should you drink when with strangers? How late is too late to be out alone? Where isn't it safe to go at all?

But what the articles don't say is that there are far more people who want to help than to harm. Going at it alone doesn't mean never asking for help. Remember that it was harder for the women before us and it'll be easier for the girls yet to come. So ladies (and everyone else), traveling alone isn't for everyone but when and if you're ready, it's worth it to immeasurable degrees. Sometimes when you travel with people you can get so lost in your relationship with them that you miss opportunities to make new ones with others. Being alone forces you to reach out to people you might never meet otherwise. You'll learn to trust yourself, to like yourself, and the adventures you'll have will be as memorable as they are unexpected. (Also you'll start winning a lot of games of never-have-I-ever)

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