Our Journey Begins

Actually, my journey doesn’t start here. My travel journey started with my first flight from Seoul, South Korea to Boston, MA when I was just a few weeks old. The world has always been a small place for me and I have always loved to travel. But I no longer see travelling the way I once did. Sitting in front of Cardiff Docks by Lionel Walden in the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, I was struck by lightning. It’s time to rethink how and why I travel.

The painting is an almost ethereal image of trains travelling to and from the docks, travelling just like I love to do myself. But I have not devoted my life to the kind of travel that those trains have. For a lot of my life, I have simply travelled because I can. The world excites me so I have gone out and explored it. But beyond that my endeavours have lacked serious intention. Who am I serving? What am I creating from my experiences? I don’t really have answers to those questions yet but this blog is my way of figuring it out.

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